Wednesday, April 15, 2009

White Is Right

I've been ripping out blue thread and quilting with white Aurifil thread.  Rip down a square or two and then quilt.  It's looking MUCH nicer.  Always go with your gut instinct.  Mine said white and I didn't listen.    

6600 with the open toe foot is doing fabulous.  I'm taking the SITD foot back tomorrow and see if I can get a SS plate for my Sapphire/Topaz machines.  I filled up a yellow card and have 3 other cards with stamps on them.  

Part of me would like the candlewicking foot as well. 

The dealer also said she would look into the Diamond red case set for me so I can store the embroidery unit.  I would love for Viking to come out with a hard case for the unit.  That would be totally sweet.

I'm feeling much better.  Sometimes sulking and throwing a small temper tantrum really helps.