Thursday, April 02, 2009

Uprising Of The Sewing Machine

I think we are having an uprising of the sewing machines this week after reading several blog posts.  Skynet must be testing out a software program to see if it works before building a Terminator.  Some are eating thread.  Some are just refusing to work.  Another person is having tension issues.  Mine has decided to join in on the fun today big time.  

I decided to machine embroider a small purse.  I put the embroidery module on and hit the OK button.  It starts up with the arm, clears the space and gets stuck coming back up.  I hit the OK again and it won't move.  I turn off the machine and start again.  It works now so I set up the hoop.

I start embroidering and this horrendous noise starts.  I stop the machine and take off the hoop.  A HUGE wad of top thread is underneath.  Sigh.  Stupid top tension.  I clean out the bobbin area and start again.  Same problem.  I try again, checking thread paths and all the other stuff you are supposed to do before you call the dealer and it eats more thread.

I call the dealer.  She says to clean out the top tension discs.  I do that and start again.  No problems until I get to the satin stitch around the piece and it starts shredding thread. 

I start the 2nd piece and it seems to do okay until towards the end and then it starts to make the noise you get when the thread has come out of the take-up lever.  Yep.  The thread has come out.  3rd piece does just fine.

Being stubborn, I start to satin stitch the purse's sides together.  BAM!  The thread comes out of the take-up lever.   I've had enough.   

I called the dealer and she said to bring it in.  They are just backed up and she doesn't know when they will get to it.  Sigh.  Of course.  It's the uprising of the machines.  Curse you Skynet...

I pull out my Sapphire to satin stitch.  No problems.  



Amelia said...

You know some days you think why did I even get out of bed...sounds like this was one of your days.

Here is hoping that tomorrow is wonderful, all machines work as they are designed to do so, and if problems arise they are small ones.

Kristie said...

Even with your machine problems, that purse looks GREAT!