Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Using Two Circular Needles

Thanks to the Yahoo! Viking Topaz group there is a site that sells templates for my machine. I'll order them in the next couple of weeks. I know I come across as grumpy over there but I do love this machine. I just get frustrated by my own limitations.

On to socks...
I pulled out my knitting needles, my book and figured I'd attempt doing socks. I wasn't worried about getting far, just about learning how to work with 2 circular needles at the same time. I just got to cast on the stitches and realized it wasn't hard. Just more concentration and I needed to really mark what I was doing. I learned a couple of things:

*Having 2 needles the same size is confusing. Need to mark one as 16 and the other as 24. Or wait and order 16 and 24 inch ones in a few weeks.

*You do need something called place markers like the book said. Probably need row markers and such. I bought a bag of circular thingys. They do make a counter thingy but I'd have to go back to Lincoln or order one. Don't know what kind/brand is better as they have several out there.

* I need to mark each sock as one and two..same with the yarn.

* Don't try this with a cat nearby.

I did cut out strips and sewed out another 10 blocks for my 9-patch quilt. 260 blocks done! 1180 to go!


Michele said...

You should share that 9-patch - how big are the squares?