Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Open Sesame"...NOT

I hate least on Barnes & Noble's Nook.

DH bought one today and figured it would be KISS simple to hook up, register and read. At least that's the impression we got. Liars.

Step 1. Charge the Nook. Charged.
Step 2. Register you Nook through Wi-Fi.

No problem. Press on Wi-Fi hotspots and... "Cannot Connect to 1-800-India" with an error code. Call number to find out that Customer Service is "down for maintenance".

Now I have Wi-Fi through my computer. It should work. It recognizes it but it wants the password which NEVER works except on my Ipod Touch. Sigh. It keeps going from "disconnected" to the name of my wireless. No wireless icon on top.

This has gone on for over an hour going through forums and other people having the same problem. I get out my Ipod Touch to see if I can get in, go into B&N's websiteand download a sample of a book. Easy. (I told him to get an Ipod Touch..then you get a Kindle and the Nook for free)

Then a forum says you should instant 3G coverage through AT&T with the Nook. I check their site and realize my area is listed as "partner". It basically means you'll get it outside of a building. (Now my sister has an iPhone and it worked perfectly inside while she was here.)

I head outside and do a search. (If I have to do this for the Nook, this is ridiculous). It finds mine and several neighbors with open Wi-Fi and I register the dang thing through them. AT&T doesn't show up.

I go back to my computer and press the IP address for the router. Stupid thing won't accept my password (See a previous post). Even with the help the customer service gave me last week that I wrote down it won't work.

So..nothing is wrong with the Nook. It finds my Wi-Fi and needs the WEP password. It's my Wi-Fi that refuses to work because it won't accept the password. Maybe I should make it open like my neighbors. Then I won't have to argue with computer over THE PASSWORD for everything I do.

I love e-readers. I download books all the time. I love my iPod Touch for this despite the backlighting and the smaller screen. If the iPad wasn't so ridiculously priced I'd probably get one.