Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open Sesame Part 3

Passwords are killing me this week... Now Mail for my mac is refusing to work. Something about expired certificates that seem to be on Mac's end, not mine. Thanks Apple for a crappy email service. That's my only complaint about my computer.

I wouldn't worry so much about it, but my YouTube account is linked to it and I can't get comments. When I attempted to put my YouTube account through my other email address it threw fits as well. I had uploaded two quilt basting tutorials last week and didn't realize that someone had made a comment about it until I checked today.

I'm not sure I'm happy with the results of my videos. I still sound like Darth Vader and my voice comes out as tinny. I'd need a much better camera to make this look good. It still takes hours to download the vidoes which is extremely frustrating.

How do you make a cat deliriously happy? Give him an emty DMC thread spool. He has chased that spool ALL over my house for the past 45 minutes.

I haven't had a chance to do any quilting. I hurt my back while making the vidoes and I finally swallowd some pride and went to the doc yesterday. He put me on a muscle relaxer but, didn't tell me it would completely knock me out. I almost don't want to to take it. I have a family that needs me awake.

DH is enjoying his Nook. I can't stand it. The touch screen is not that responsive (but I'm used to my iTouch's quick responses) and the buttons are to low for my hands to use. It drives me crazy. He doesn't have to worry about me "borrowing" it while he's sleeping/working. As long as he loves it, that's okay by me.