Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Rabbit Condo And A Comfy DH

I got DH's quilt done today! I love that I don't need a walking foot for my Topaz to do binding. I still need help with the miters, but I'll get there.

I just stippled the quilt and folded over the backing for binding. Flannel is a pain to work with at times with both quilting and binding.

It's been a while since I did FMQ and my backing isn't always pretty with stitches pulling around the curves. I kept adjusting the tension but it didn't work this time. I know part of it is keeping the same speed while going around curves.

As you can tell, he loves it with just backing side out..LOL!

From Quilted with Love

Here's a close up of the stippling:
From Quilted with Love
With "help" from Bandit here's what the backing looks like with it folded over:

From Quilted with Love

I have now purchased a condo. Rent free and plenty of space. Three levels and tons of fun for Lacey!

From Quilted with Love
I used the wire storage cubes to make it. Two boxes made a 3 level condo. It still needs some work for stability, easier human access and for better flooring. It is SO much better than the pet store cage she's been in.

I need to get one more package to use as gates around the TV and other areas she can't be in. AT 20 bucks a box, you can't beat the price. She has had a blast leaping around the living room and I'm feeling better knowing she's safe while doing it.


Cindy said...

Great job on the quilting it turned out really nice. He seems to really love it. That rabbit has it made.

Jackie said...

Terrific quilt! Aren't you glad that he just loves it! I love it when my family uses my quilts. I agree with Cindy, the rabbit has it made.