Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Dang passwords.

You know. Those made up letters/numbers that keep you from getting into your accounts but let everyone else in. Yeah..those.

No one got in so don't panic. Including me. Attempt after attempt failed. At least it wasn't one of those "After 3 tries your computer has now imploded. Please call and beg for mercy over your stupidity" messages.

All I wanted to do is to figure out why my wireless router wasn't working and needed the password to get in to check the status. The router had all the lights on but my computer and Ipod Touch couldn't find the wireless signal.

Now I know how to get in and CHANGE the password via the manufacturer's website but I couldn't because for some reason the default password "admin" wouldn't work either. I just kept getting the default "Loser. Try Again" icon.

I admit defeat and call the dreaded 1-800-Call-India number. This should be fun.

No way. This company doesn't use India..or she knew English AND what she was doing. Well, she went around the long way of doing it, but she helped me figure out what was wrong and she and I got it fixed.

I learned two things today. Apparently routers need updates and if your password doesn't work there is a way around it besides "admin" and beating it with a baseball bat.

While not a computer genius, I do know two things:

1. Keep your original box with parts/paperwork/CDs/ and your receipts

2. ALWAYS write down important information if you are on the phone or in person when asking for help. Get a box or something to put all the information for easy reference. I do write down passwords for non secure things or sites I don't use that often but are neccessary if my computer blows up.

By the way, THE password I kept putting in WAS correct so my memory is not failing. Yet.


taylorsoutback said...

Thanks so much for the FYI about the wireless router...we periodically have the same iPod Touch won't connect & our son's laptop wouldn't work when he was visiting recently. We have to disconnect, wait X amount of minutes and plug it in again...usually works then, but rather annoying. Interesting about needing updates - will look into that. And isn't it refreshing to talk to someone stateside when you have computer issues!!