Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Bag Patterns

I'm officially a druggie again. I now have a pharmacy of medications thanks to the doctor.

It turns out I have allergies..had them for a long time but never thought it was that. Did that make sense? Apparently my zebra finches, a rabbit and a cat do not help with this. Doc gave me Singulair and I'll see what happens.

Once again I'm building up a tolerance to my seizure meds and we made some changes. The next few weeks may be rough while my body adjusts to everything. Hopefully there are no seizures but I doubt that. He lowered the Lamictal, took me off the Topamax and added Depakote. Great fun.

Guess what I actually finished in one day??

You aren't seeing things. One finished bag for my daughter.


If you buy a purse kit (above) should it include the fusible fleece? Or is it assumed that like a quilt kit you have to buy the batting/backing?

It's a good thing I know what fusible fleece is and that I have some. The lady said everything was there but when I read the directions, no fusible fleece was included.

The pattern was a written disaster. It was written/designed by the store and made no sense whatsoever. I am extremely terrible at bags and I could have written better instructions. They even had them for sale. The only thing that helped was that I had seen the bag in person and knew what it looked like.

I finally tossed the pattern aside after realizing they assumed you knew how to do everything. It wasn't written for directional fabric and had to refix that problem. I just did the bag the way I thought it should have been done and for KISS purposes.

From Quilted with Love
I think it turned out beautifully. My other daughter wants one but I have no desire to deal with this store to buy another kit. At least for now.


Cindy said...

What a great looking bag. Sometimes you just have to toss the instructions and go out on your own. I take Singular and it's fantastic, good luck with it.