Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Can I Borrow Your Card?"

DH and I went to Lincoln today for Blu-rays and I wanted some circular knitting needs to attempt socks. All I wanted was size 5 in 16 and 24 inch lengths. Apparently they don't exist or are very popular. I ended up buying size 5 in 29 inches. (I forgot about the yarn store but knew she would charge around 16 dollars for each one).

While in JoAnn's DH went to the front and grabbed two fliers and was looking over them. He took one of the packages and handed me a flyer. We got in line and he told me to pay for one of them and use the 40% coupon.

You all know my DH. Get ready for it... After I pay for mine he exclaims, "Miss, would you let me borrow your card please?"

I smiled sweetly and said, "Sure!" and handed it to him.

The lady behind us and the cashier's jaws dropped as I handed him the card. He gave her the coupon and the needles and paid for them.

He puts the card back in his pocket and we walk off. The he looks at me and says, "Well, the coupon said one per customer. I figured if you buy one and I buy one we get 40% of of each of them. Never thought of reading how those coupons worked until today."


Cathy said...

My sister and I do that. We each get the fliers in the mail. So we share if we aren't using our own. You can also ask for a separate cutting tag and ring them up separately. I usually pay cash for at least one of them though. I have also had my son buy things with the coupon. He requires a bribe though.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

I have signed up with Joann online and I get the flyer in the mail. I usually get two coupons each month. Because they are different coupons I can use them at the same time.

Diane said...

What a man!

Kristen said...

I love it! Too funny. I would have loved to see the cashier's face.