Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open Sesame Part 2

I called 1-800-call-India over my Linksys router to get the password. The Nook recognizes me, but without the password it can't connect. After 15 minutes of trying to get him to understand Ali Baba will happily charge me 9.99 to "fix" the problem. All I want is my password. The last lady helped me override the computer to do this. I tell Ali Babba that I can figure this out myself and hang up.

After several Google searches I decide to reset my router and start over. The site said to "press" the reset button on the back of your router. Errr...there's no way to press it. Oh..they want me to stick something in and press the reset button until my finger gives out.

It works! I use the stupid generic router IP address and immediately log in. Now I'm lost in the security settings and where to change the password. Forget it. I keep it "open" so I can't fight my computer over passwords.

I do a search with the Nook. It hooks up right away and starts working.

My only gripes so far with the Nook is that they didn't make it very user friendly or very fast. DH and I finally figure out how to download the books in his library and he's happily reading away. He loves it. I'll keep to my Ipod for now.

*feeling very smug* So there Ali Baba and Linksys. I figured it out on my own thanks to Google. Now I can go back to quilting and work on my projects.


Rhonda said...

Bethany, I'd reading this and about to wet my pants.....your post sounds so simular to my experience with calling for happy you figured it all out for yourself.
Take care.