Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog Readers

*Bangs Head*  All I want is a way to read my blogs in a simple easy step.  Bloglines went out and then came back.  Then they changed their format leaving me stranded with over 100 blogs that didn't make it.  I have to manually move them over.  The last time I lost several blogs that I read and now I'll lose more.  Now they've made take several steps to read the blog instead of just clicking on it.  Now I have mark as "unread" or face scrolling down all 1200 posts of one blog.  The old Bloglines you just clicked on the blog and if I didn't want to read all the way down, I didn't have to make an extra click or scroll.

I hate Google reader and now I hate Bloglines.

The Quilterblogs rock.

I'll add a splitting headache to my nasty cold now.

If you have a better reader site, let me know.  


Barb said...

Sorry you are having such troubles...

what is the quilters blogs site?

ad hominy said...

I'm having the same problem. Need a new reader and want to beat Bloglines over the head with Google Reader.