Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thread Organization Part Two

wqqqqSomeone was kind enough to mention getting Matchbox car cases from Wally World.  I have heard of getting them, but have never found one until tonight.  Five bucks.  I should have picked up a couple but wasn't sure if they would fit my spools.

They fit my Madeira spools!  Too bad I already ordered "official" ones the other night.  Would have saved me a few bucks plus outrageous UPS shipping costs.

I fit in all my Mettler embroidery spools, my DMC quilting threads, and my Aurifil small spools.  Wow!

Even better, they fit in my drawer!

If they only made snap cases to fit the mini king spools.

You know what kills me?  The fact that JoAnn Fabric stores want an absolute fortune for plastic bins. Twenty dollars plus for crappy bins. They had a bin set for 72 bucks on sale.  I did a scan of it to see what Amazon wants and came up with 60 bucks.  Still outrageous.  Five bucks work just fine for me.

I also found a straight silverware box (no outlines) for organizing my pens/pencils/rotary cutters and other notions:

It may still look like a disaster, but it was far worse with 4 plastic skinny bins that never really fit in and made a huge mess.  I got this idea from the log cabin quilt book as the author said to get one for keeping the strips together.

My OCD part of being manic has been soothed and I feel tons better.


bettyp said...

thanks for sharing this !! I need to get me some !! I like the idea of useing the silverware drawer to save stuff .Thats on the list too!!!

Barbara said...

I have a few of those double sided ones and a slim line one, but what I'm looking for is something for the big spools - not serger thread because they are different than the big spools that Superior Threads makes. I don't like the ones that hang on a wall though since I don't have a free wall. It's the one thing I've had the hardest time organizing. Congrats on the organization.

onlymehere said...

I'm always amazed that they haven't come up with more efficient inexpensive boxes for things like spools. Oh well, I guess what works for one quilter/seamstress doesn't work for another. You had a great solution. I made up my own sewing table and it works like a dream for me and is absolutely perfect! Much cheaper than the ones you buy and put together at the fabric stores too.