Monday, December 13, 2010


I must be coming back down from being manic.  Bah Humbug.  I'm crawling back into bed until spring. I'm even sick of eggnog and I down that stuff by the gallons come this time of year.  I hurt my back on Friday and so much for trying to make the perfect tree skirt.  

My tree has been decimated by a cat.  I can't put lights up around my windows because my back hurts and I don't need a fried cat because he tried to eat the lights.

I have two bins full of Christmas crap that I don't even want to mess with downstairs.

My house is being overrun with Blu-rays in bins and yes, behind the tree there are Blu-rays in shelves.  Hardback comic books are the next thing to take over.

And yes, that's the front door to the right.

I no longer have a house.  It's a storage unit with a bent tree and furniture.  See you in the Spring.


onlymehere said...

I truly wish I knew what to say or do. If I was your neighbor I could come over and hopefully give you some good cheer this holiday season. I wear out on the holidays soon also though. I think it's bz I have to start shopping so early due to our incoming totally flat-lining in the winter and there's no extra to buy gifts. This year is different though as we have our son home for a few more days. After he goes back for a year I may just be with you with the hibernating until spring. We all have our clutter spots but if yours gets to be too much I'm only an email or comment away! I'm sure we could find something to laugh about together!
Your friend,

liz said...

You made me cheer up, at least. I think there are dozens just like you and me all over the place. We're called humans. Do tell, what is a "bu-ray"?

Amy said...

I feel your pain. Pulled my back a week ago on Sunday. So many things I.wanted to do. So little got done. Wishing you healing.