Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Madeira And Matchbox Cases are the Same

My box with my thread cases came!  My excitement ended when I realized there was no difference between the 12.50 an the 6 dollar matchbox car case.  Another site had the same box for 19.99.  Add in 14 bucks for UPS ground shipping and I feel sort of duped.   (I can't get the pictures to rotate..sorry)

Just get the Matchbox car case and save yourselves a lot of money.  It really peeves me when those of us with hobbies get ripped off just with the word "quilting" on it.

At least I have boxes to put my thread in.  Now to figure out the mini king spool issue.


onlymehere said...

I agree with you that if they're marketed for sewing or quilting they cost a lot more. I don't know why either. Craziness. Thanks for the tip on the Matchbook car cases. I don't have enough thread yet to go this route but I may in the future, especially when I start quilting and not just piecing.