Monday, December 27, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I decided to get brave and start my log cabin quilt I starteded almost a year ago before I hurt my back.  I got a couple of blocks done to finish up the pattern and decided to call it quits.  My back is aching again.  I shouldn't have laid this out on the floor to arrange the design or try to cut too many strips.

I've decided to get a second opinion on my back.  I have an appt. with another doc tomorrow and hopefully get some answers.

I finally got out my Go! cutter to do some strips instead of bending over but to no avail.  I like that my strips are straight but it's slow going this way.  Anyone want to make a bet on how long it will take before I "push the limitations" of this cutter?  If this one Go!es out, I'm done with it forever.

Off to ice my back and take some Aleve.


bettyp said...

I sure hope you can get some help for the back !!
I like what your doing with the log cabin blocks.I have not seen it done this way before .

quiltalina said...

I love the colors you have chosen. Hope you get some relief for your back. Here's a tip from my mom's physical therapist. For icing your back, use a family-sized bag of frozen English peas. It conforms nicely to any body part!