Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rinsing My Mouth Out

Blech (still rinsing out my mouth a day later)  The casino buffet was disgusting and they wanted an absolute fortune for it.  Even school cafeteria food is better.  People eat this stuff while gambling?  The entire building looked like it would collapse at any moment.  My friend lied when she said it was good food.

I have no desire to go to a casino ever again.  Why people give these places their money is beyond my comprehension.  I think I need another shower.

On the positive side, I got two new toys for Christmas; a portable hard drive and a real copy of Snow Leopard.

I didn't realize my brother pirated a copy when he let me borrow it.  I don't believe in shareware, but I lowered my standards for this one and I'm guessing this "copy" completely messed with my computer.  Don't bother doing shareware.  Just buy it.  It will save you a huge headache and at least you have a warranty if something blows up in your face.  

I'm not sure if I should do a clean install or downgrade back to Leopard.  I backed up all my files on my hard drive just in case I do something crazy like that.  I'm just sick of my computer freezing up.  It's been pretty good the two days so maybe it's working.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  I really forgot the whole reason we celebrate thanks to being manic and didn't truly appreciate this time of year.  Hopefully next year it will be better.