Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thread Organization

Oh man.  I knew I had A LOT of thread, but didn't realize I had so much until I tried to organize it.   I'm one that wants all my brands kept together and then by the thread color chart.  Having them tossed into a drawer drives me insane.  They come undone, you can't find the exact number you need, and it makes a huge mess.

Here's my stash that I've dumped out all over:

And this:
Yes (gulp) I have tossed some into the bin.  Some of it is 8 years old and some I've only needed for a particular project and will never use it again.  It breaks my heart to toss out stuff.

And this:

I don't have space to put up the wooden racks like the one in the picture.  The one here has fallen apart on me.

What I want is a set of drawers/bins that I can put thread in horizontally w/adjustable slots for various brands.  Madeira does make a thread chest with drawers, but I have no room for it.  I just want it on wheels, adjustable slots and bin sizes and priced right.  I'm not really asking for much right?  LOL.

The closest I found was that Madeira does make a case for 48 spools like the slimline Sulky ones.  I ordered two since the company only ships UPS and it cost almost as much as one case to ship it.

Believe me, I've looked at all the options out there like bead cases, Matchbox car cases, cases made for thread and nothing has fit my needs.  I don't want to have to stack bins that only open from the top either.      I had a couple of those and went bonkers.

Fingers crossed that cases I bought work.

And, I don't want the wooden holders with the pegs.  They aren't Bandit proof and take up way to much space.  Those seem to be the most popular when I do a check.


Beth said...

Ihope you didn't toss that thread out!!!! I have some that is much older than 8!! and I still use it, for top stitching/thread play. So if it hasn't hit the rubbish bin... would you send it to me?

Lonesome Dove said...

Have you seen this site? It combines two of my favorite hobbies: woodworking and sewing.

Anonymous said...

Do you store your bobbins with the thread? I've tried to use the little blue spool-thingys that attache the bobbin to the spool but the Viking bobbins don't fit. So now I'm using those bread-tie things. I wish there was an easier way!