Monday, March 30, 2009

Rambling Rose Layout

From Quilted with Love
This pattern is driving me nuts. The written directions aren't making sense on the rose bud blocks nor is the diagram. You are supposed to have "extension" strips which I've added. But when I went to sew the sections, they don't fit. I'm going to email Pam Bono and see where I've messed up. Once I get the center together, the rest of the quilt will go together fairly quickly.

My Topaz was throwing tantrums again this morning so I pulled out my Sapphire from the basement and used it. It sews so amazingly well. In the 4 or so months I've had it, I've never had any problems with it unthreading. I wonder why the Topaz does as it's the same thing as the Sapphire.

I checked the settings on both machines. They are the same. I sewed on both. The Sapphire has more of a "growl" to it with less give on the feed dogs. The Topaz has a smoother feed but seems "loose" compared to the Sapphire. Since I had both machines up I used the Sapphire to do the detailed work and the Topaz to do the piecing. The Topaz behaved itself until about an hour ago which was really nice. Competition for attention between both machines? LOL. Too bad I can't keep both machines upstairs. My family doesn't need the kitchen table. It's always covered with quilting projects anyway. It would be nice to have the Topaz set up for machine embroidery and the Sapphire set up for piecing/quilting.

The construction guys came today with TWO cement trucks and did my driveway. I can't use it for another week though. My car has only been sitting out in the field across the street for two weeks now. But it looks wonderful!
From Quilted with Love
Then the guys asked if they knew what paint color the cinderblocks were as they wanted to match the new cinderblocks to it. If I didn't know, they'd paint the entire front a different color. They went with the tan of the siding. I can't believe the difference a color makes.  The cinderblocks were the same color as the garage door.

From Quilted with Love
After 7 years of being in this house, it's starting to really feel like it's mine.  We've added siding and windows a few years ago.  We replaced the gutters over a year ago.  Last year we replaced the water and sewer lines to the street.  

My poor front yard.  It keeps getting dug up.


Michelle said...

Those roses are lovely!

Glaukos said...

Have you checked out Pam Bono's website, she does post some corrections to some of the patterns she has. Perhaps there is one for this pattern???