Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Babbling

My back has been doing tons better..but not enough to really quilt.   Still doing PT and seeing a chiro.  Both have helped immensely.  I was even able to walk around the mall today.

As far as the cell phone goes, I think I'll keep mine and work with the contract.  I told DH if they want me to have a data plan for any phone, I'll buy the TOL one. I still get my 400 minutes for 40 bucks regardless of any phone I set up a contract with.  He just rolled his eyes.

As far as the mall goes, I am sick of stores dressing up "tweens"or even 13-year olds with clothing that looks like a) hookers or b) like they are 25.  Even Wally World's Miley Cyrus line can't even be worn at school.

I also shouldn't have to buy 3 tops just to go under one shirt for modesty purposes.  Boys are much easier.  Same shirt/pants, different day.  Works for him.