Friday, April 02, 2010


Finally!  Phone DSL is up and running!  Wow..the speed is fantastic.  Too bad I'm not up and running that fast.

I was hoping to go to a rabbit show tomorrow but realized there's no way I could walk around for hours. you think I could talk DH into going to Best Buy to at least check out the iPad with the excuse of a new wireless router?  I have been drooling over that since it was first announced.  Chances are Best Buy won't have that many of them and they'll be sold out in 5 minutes.  Oh..wait.  I could use the wheelchair sympathy ploy to get me up there first.

DH said the other day we are going up Tuesday since it's new release day and to do some work on the car. Maybe they will have a demo up to check out.


Jackie said...

I am such a Mac junkie and would love an iPad. But I don't enjoy the opening day frenzy. I will stick with my iMac and Mac Book Pro for now. But a trip to the Apple Store is soon on my list to check out the new digs.