Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Griping, Hankies, a Hardanger Project, And A Possible "Charlie"

I just have to really gripe and then I'll move onto a quilting post.

Does anyone else hate that Farmville is charging for all the good animals/items at premium prices?  65 FC for a puppy??  300,000 coins for a mutt and if you don't feed it every day it goes to the pound.  I went to Lincoln yesterday and would have lost a puppy if I had purchased one.  It cost actual money to get it back.  You can keep your stupid dog then.

I have 3,000,000 coins and can't spend it on anything as I own everything else.  And don't tell me not to play if you don't like it, as for some odd reason, I enjoy playing it.  All I'd like is some of those new animals/items to purchase with your coins.  I get paying FC for items as it's a way of making money for the game.  However; I'd rather purchase something REAL with my money, like the Hardanger kit I bought yesterday or the expensive linen I was looking at.

Venting over.

I got my mom's hankies done last night.  I shouldn't have used water soluble stabilizer as it made a huge mess and took forever to disolve.  I did the last three without it and they came out just fine.  While the picture isn't the greatest, they turned out beautifully.  I sent them to my mom this morning.

I can't wait for my Hardanger kit to get here.  It's a table runner that is simply exquisite.  I wish I could afford the really nice linen and other fine fabric, but they want 60-85 dollars a yard for it.  I don't know if that's a good price or not.  That I'd pay for, not FC.

 Charlotte might be a Charlie.  LOL.  My friends checked their rabbits and realized the one they purchased was a female instead of a male.  I checked mine again as I thought I had two females.  Cinnamon Bun is a female (slit) but Charlotte was questionable as she was really wiggly.  They are both kind of young to tell but when I checked online they can sexually mature fairly early.  No signs of "humping" though.  I REALLY don't want baby bunnies as I feel it's wrong to have bunnies if you can't take care of them.  There is no way I could do that.