Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dealing With A Loss

I have sad news.  Magnum died a couple of days ago.  He accidentally got out at night and with him being black, we couldn't find him.  Then my kids found him laying on the driveway dead the other day.

I think Cagney has just realized her friend is gone.  She's not bouncy and hides.  A few days earlier before he got out, they got into a fight and Magnum ripped out a lot of fur.  It was all over the cage and on the floor and she has some bald spots.  I separated them so she would be safe.

I don't know how bonded bunnies deal with loss.  Do they go through a mourning phase?  Hit depression?

It's been hard on everyone.



Kelly Ann said...

sorry to hear about your bunny loss..just remember the little hippty hoppty paw prints on your heart...

bettyp said...

Thats so sad !! We had a hard time too when we lose our pets too!!