Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As The Password Turns

Just need to have an "ARGGHHH!" moment.  Keep reading if you don't mind a simple rant.  This is one huge soap opera.

I can't get into my Verizon account!  I need some kind of password that I don't have because it's not registered.  I can't register because I don't have the password that was set on my phone.  My phone number and account number don't exist online because of it.

At least the online chat lady, Kendra, was AMAZING and figured this all out for me.  Too bad the customer service number is useless as it wants the PASSWORD.

My phone contract expires on the 23 and was hoping to find information on keeping my phone and this account or setting up a totally new contract.  I really wanted to do this online so I don't have to deal with shark frenzy at the Verizon store on Saturday.

Here's what I wanted to know:

1.  If I keep my phone how do I redo the contract?

2.  Do I need to set up the old/new account on Saturday and if I don't, do I lose phone service and or have to start all over again?

3.  Should I wait until Thursday morning (29th) when I get into Ohio and have my cell phone expert brothers could help me pick out a new phone that doesn't need a data plan?

The crazy part?  Wally World had Verizon phones way cheaper than the Verizon store and online site.  However; I'm not sure that's a good idea.  After all, it's Wally World.

ARGHHH..the stupid store number is automated!  What happened to REAL people?  Oh yeah..that's 1-800-CALL-INDIA



Rhonda said...

Oh dear Bethany....I'm thinking that the password was just added to make your life would be just like the cell phone peeps to do something like that....bless your heart! I'm just sayin'

Michele said...

If your verizon works like my verizon, your contract expires goes on. They keep you on the same plan but you no longer have the cancellation fee if you want to change/cancel.

Caroline in NH said...

We used our Verizon phones on an expired contract for almost two years with no problem. We didn't sign up for a new contract until we needed new phones... at that point, the only reason we signed a new contract was to get the phones for free, and to add my daughter to the account. The expired-contract account had the same price & features it always had until we signed a new contract.