Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Paper Shredder

Does anyone else's cat eat important pieces of paper?  Like homework and your Hardanger pattern?  If you ever need your papers shredded for security reasons, let me know.

Check this out:

I've had to ban him from the bedroom while doing the handwork.  He'll rummage in the bag, try to eat the yarn, knock the thread off the bed to chase it, and try to sit in your lap.

If you dump him out of the room and shut the door, he'll sit outside the door yowling his head off.  I ignore him the best I can.

Here's my progress despite "help"and the loud meowing outside the door:

It's slow work as white on white is difficult to see.  I figured I'd do both sides instead of going down one side and up the other for boredom/frustration purposes.  The pattern calls for 12 designs on each side.  I don't know if I'm up to that.  This gives me an option out for a faster finish.


Michele said...

Honestly...I'd rather my destructo-cat *ate* the paper rather than *peeing* on it, which is what she does. Sigh. The other two kitties pretty much ignore the entire quilting process, unless I'm hand-quilting with lovely bits of dangling thread.

Kristen said...

I make photocopies of everything! The actual pattern stays in the bag it came in! While I don't have cats, I have three children under five and a 1 year old that thinks the ripping paper sound is fun!

Milliscent Morgan said...

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Ruby said...

I remember when my mom’s cat ruined my pattern for my cross stitch project and the cat really shredded it into pieces. It’s a hard time to continue making the project without the pattern on my hand. Well, I guess it’s time to make some other crafty projects while the cat is confined to the bedroom. :)

Ruby Badcoe