Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quilting Book And Two Additions

If you need a great book for quilting this is one of them.  Since I'm not able to quilt, I've been going through my library and re-reading my books.  This is a hardback book that folds open flat (can't remember the binding name) for easy reading.

She makes things really easy and does an excellent job of explaining her techniques.  She talks about how to quilt difficult motifs and breaking them down.  She talks about navigating through rough spots and what to quilt first before doing intricate work.

I picked this one up at JoAnn Fabrics awhile back ago. has it as well for about 20 bucks.

I have two more additions to the rabbit family:

From Three Tricky Rabbits
The brown one is a Chocolate Dutch and the other is a black one.  The brown one is officially mine since I picked her out.  The black one is DS's.  He's named her Charlotte.  He originally wanted me to name them Alien and Predator.  I told him he could name his one of those names.

"No Name", the brown one, needs a name.  If you want to add a name, go for it.

I thought of a couple but not sure I like them.  Graham Cracker, Penny (cause she's brown like one), Sandy, Radar and Copper.


taylorsoutback said...

Just saw your posting - sure agree with you about Joanie Poole's books. I have made a couple of projects from one of her earlier ones - excellent instructions and had good results. Thanks for featuring her Quilting Elements. I will have to check that one out soon! She also did a workshop for our guild a while back & everyone was so pleased.
Thanks for sharing.