Monday, April 05, 2010

I've Created A Monster

Do NOT under ANY circumstances download a flight simulator onto your iPad for your DH.  You will never see him again.  The sad part is it's all my fault.

DH has always wanted a flight simulator game but our computers were never good enough for one.  While looking at iPad apps, I came across a flight simulator game called "X-Plane"and showed DH.  He had me download it and for the next two hours, he was pretending to fly all the planes available.  Too bad he can't land any of them.

I do want to thank ABC Television for making a free iPad app so I can watch their shows anytime I want.  Now to get CBS and NBC to do the same since the iPad doesn't support Flash.  Watching TV on this is amazing.  I love it!

With the Amazon Kindle app my books are now full size which is even better for reading.  DH hates having a backlight so I won't lose my iPad to his books.  He can keep his Nook.  It's nice and worth it if you buy one, but I just never cared for it.

Physical therapy went really well today.  Hopefully, I will be up and moving soon.  I miss quilting.  I have worked on some handwork, but it's mind numbing and boring.