Thursday, April 08, 2010

Machine Embroidery

After arguring with my 4D Extra software for a day and a half, I finally got the designs I wanted done and loaded onto a USB stick.  Pffaf and Viking didn't make this program even remotely user friendly.  I would have used Embird, but the font I needed was on 4D Extra.

I measured the corner for the design, basted it and here's the final project:

It's hard to see the name, but the design stitched out nicely.  I used water soluble stabilizer so the stitches didn't get lost into the fabric which is why it's still wet.

My mom asked if I would do hankies for each of the girls she teaches.  I chose the flower and put each girl's name in the rose motif.  My mom is planning to crochet around the fabric to make it even more delicate.

Machine embroidery isn't hard on my back which is why I can do it.  It's not hard, just time consuming.

 Physical Therapy was rough today as the exercises have gotten harder.  My back is doing better but not enough to rotary cut fabric or sew it.

Apparently baby rabbits have no fear of heights as they jump off the couch if you aren't keeping track of them.  They climb up using my kids and take a running leap off.  Look Ma!  I can fly!

 The last thing I need are broken bones when they hit the floor.    


Rhonda said...

Cool Bethany. You did a great job!!!