Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bag Thief

There is a reason why DH called the cat Bandit.  He gets into everything and wanders off with it.  His favorite is to get into plastic bags and take off with something he likes.  I forgot how much he loves them until I came upstairs and discovered this mess:

These two pictures don't do it justifcation to see the mess he made.  He went around two chairs, my office chair, and all over the kitchen.

The office chair was the worst as somehow he'd gotten it all wound up in the roller wheels.

This ball of yarn is for my Hardanger project.  He'd snuck inside the bag to get it while I was downstairs taking care of rabbits.  He'd discovered the balls yesterday while checking out the bag the kit and figured he'd wait until I wasn't looking to grab one.

This project will go into a safe place and will be Bandit proof.  Maybe.