Saturday, April 03, 2010

I Got One!

You got it.  A beautiful, gorgeous shiny iPad.  I may have even made the Lincoln, NE ABC news.  I don't get channel 8, but they were there with cameras.

I figured there would be a long line but there wasn't.  They gave us a reservation paper insuring that we would get one after walking in the door.  I think a couple of people had been there since 6 am.  I walked in, went to customer service, picked up my iPad, MobileMe and went to pay for them.  After she scanned the software (not necessary) it came up as $9,999.99.  Errr..too bad the camera guy missed that.  LOL.

Forgive the fingerprints..LOL.   DH thought he'd try it out and spent an hour browsing  He thinks it's cool..but not something he likes.   He just found it frustrating as he's not used to finger scrolling and tapping.

I LOVE it.  I even downloaded "Sherlock Holmes" and watched the first 5 minutes of it.  Beautiful picture.  HD and widescreen purists are hating it, but it's just fine for my needs.

If you want the set up like in the picture, you'll have to buy the case that Apple sells.  It makes for easier holding on your lap and in your hands for reading.  Very practical.

The one thing I wouldn't do is bring it places.  It's too fragile to throw in your purse and let it bang around.  I'll save that for my Touch.

 Is it worth getting?  That depends on your wants/needs.  I don't need a laptop.  My life doesn't revolve around working full-time in a business or school setting.  It's perfect for reading in bed, surfing the net, watching movies, playing some video games and other simple needs.