Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dysons, EQ7 And Ancestry.com

I'm broke as of this and last week..

Woo Hoo!  From reading around blogs I discovered that EQ7 is coming out.  I preordered my EQ7 upgrade today.  Then I can add the 7 box to my 5 and 6 set.  LOL.  Do we old-timers get a deeper discount?

It will probably be weeks after it comes out before I get it but I'm not about to shop around looking for the dang program in person.

My Dyson vacuum died yesterday.  May it rest in pieces.  It's been through a lot over the past few years and has served me well.  It's the only vacuum that had a handle tall enough for me to use w/o bending over.   I bought the allergy one several months ago and put this Dyson downstairs.

After the funeral, I bought a 140 dollar Hoover vacuum for the downstairs.  Spending 400 bucks on a vacuum for the TV room/rabbit area just isn't my thing.  I'll be honest, this little Hoover sucks up stuff way better than my Dyson and is quieter.  I love that it doesn't have the automatic floor lift like the Dyson.  I can change the height manually which makes for much easier usage for going over rabbit litter.  Biggest complaint is the usual, the lack of a handle long enough for me to use without breaking my back.

I renewed my subscription for Ancestry.com last week and have spent time working through names again. I forgot that I accidentally tossed out the hard drive with thousands of names and information.  I've been going back and putting things on physical paper.  Unfortunately; there doesn't seem to be any programs out there for the Mac and for some reason I could only get PAF 4 to work on Windows XP.  This has been a mess as I don't know how to import/export information or get it into PAF w/o having to manually enter names.

Speaking of a mess, does your genealogy paperwork look like this?

Oh..and that isn't even all of it.  I just pulled out some of it from under the bed to show you.  I have several binders that have no organization whatsoever.  I figured since my back has limited my sewing, I'd clean it all up.  I just didn't know what a mess it was!

I'm going to go through alot of black ink, protectors and binders.

Told you I was broke.



StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm curious about which Hoover you bougnht. I really need to get a new one but just can't decide! blessings, marlene