Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stay With Purple Fabric? Or Add Other Colors?

I finally sat down and organized my purple fabric for this quilt and realized that I need tons more of it.  The biggest problem with some of the online stores is that they all have jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm squares and collections of a specialty line.  Finding just fat quarters or half yards of purple fabric is really tough.  With needing 1440 9-patches, I had wanted a wide variety of shades.

This is my stash so far:  

This is proving to be one of the the most expensive quilts if I just stay with purple.  I just liked the look of a one-color quilt.

Do I just go for a scrappy look and add all kinds of colors?  This would make it easier and take out my stash big time.  It would probably make for a more interesting quilt.

What do you think?    


Mary said...

I am spending the afternoon cutting stash a la Quiltville Bonnie. I was just cutting the purples, and took a break. Your post was first up. Tell me the size you need and I will contribute some strips. Go purple. One color quilts are always spectacular. Look at the all blue "dear jane" on this post:


Colleen said...

I'm a fan of one-color + white quilts, too, and would be willing to donate some purple fabric to the cause. Just let me know if you'd like some!

Jackie said...

I love scrappy and all kinds of fabric. Definitely in agreement that it makes for a more interesting quilt. But, if you are only after purple, make it as scrappy as you can with just the purples.

bearcreekquilter said...

I would be glad to send you some purples also.

Trish said...

I could send you some purple, too. Send me an email with your address.