Monday, May 10, 2010

Making Rows

Still figuring out accuracy with the 1/4 foot on the 7700.  This time I know it's me instead of the machine.  I haven't tested out the problem on my Topaz since I can't carry it out of the bedroom.  I'll have DH bring out later tonight and see if my alignment problems are there.

It's feeding through perfectly but the middle gets lost on my drawn line and the seam allowance becomes too small.  I really have to butt the side right up to the guide and really hold the fabric to do this or turn it over and redo it despite pinning it.  It's a pain drawing the 1/4 inch line on each piece but with such small pieces everything must align properly.  It just may take this much work to get it done.  I was hoping I could just chain piece the white squares to the sides of the 9-patches.

I adjusted the pressure foot down from 7 to a 5 which has helped (It's sort of like the sewing advisor on the Topaz).  It's just a matter of fiddling with the settings.

I have part of a row done and it's looking really nice despite working so hard.

While thinking about the issue I forgot about the DVD I have on precision piecing by Sally Collins.  One of her solutions is to trim one of the seam allowances.  I'll try that and see what happens.

 I don't have to tie myself down on the driveway or the tree when the workers come to my yard.  I talked to one of them and he just needed the section where my sewer line connects to the main line.  It's a good thing I had my sewer line replaced recently and I knew the approximate place to dig.  They were extremely grateful as the city hadn't kept records of where each of the house lines connect to the main line.

Here's what my yard looks like now: