Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Ready To Give Up Stripping

I'm tired of stripping.  I need a new night job.

If I cut one more strip of fabric, I'm going to lose it in my giant piles.  See this mess?

Even though I'm pinning sections together so the don't get lost, strips are missing.  I've truly tried to keep organized, but strips and 9-patches are exploding everywhere.

If I square up one more 9-patch I'm going to go insane and I don't even have a fourth of them done.  I lost count of my blocks awhile back but I know I'm not close to 1440 of them.

I finally got smart and used my shape cut template (duh) to do strips.  It helps, but all I see are endless piles of fabric.  I wish I could use it to trim down the 9-patches but it's too hard to be accurate with this small of a block.

After sewing several rows I got lost in keeping the fabric from not touching or being to close to one another.   I then realized I needed to lay out the quilt.  Sigh.  More work.  I started out on the bed laying out pieces and realizing I needed a more visual way to look at them.  Duh.  Use my hallway.

Here's the "design" wall, aka my hallway with my quilt:

Right now I'm working with 20 rows across and 20 rows down.  The diagonal strip is the 20 square diagonal mark.  I've spent all afternoon doing this.  You'd think it would be easy, but it's not as I have to trim blocks down.  I'm sure the tape will come off the wall leading to another mess.  It will be gorgeous once it's done and that's what keeps me going.

I'd put the project away out of my mind, but to pull it all out again several months later would result in a bigger disaster.

Anyone feel like coming over to help?  The only "help" I'm getting right now is from Bandit who thinks stealing tape from off the wall is a great idea.


StitchinByTheLake said...

If it's any consolation it's going to be beautiful! blessings, marlene