Saturday, May 15, 2010

Geesh. All I Wanted Is My Foot

I hate being relatively nice.  I try to avoid confrontation and if I do try, I screw it up.  It didn't help that my jaw was so far to the floor I couldn't do anything today.

I was reading on the 7700 Yahoo! list about a Clear View Quilting Foot And Guide Set for Janome and that everyone loved it.  I figured I'd head to a dealer and see if they have one.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of telling the lady that I had a 7700 and that the Yahoo! group loved this foot.  *The foot rocks as I bought one*

The next thing I know is that I'm getting scolded for not buying the machine at this dealer.  She went on and on about about it and demanded to know what I had paid for it.  Being stupid and nice I told her and about my trade-in of the 6600 and the price I paid.  She sniffed and said that I could have worked out a deal here.  I could tell by the look on her face that what I paid wasn't going to happen.

When she asked why I hadn't purchased at this store I told her bluntly that I was at the other place and they had one in the store.  I bought it.  It was nothing personal.  I just was there.

She then questioned me on if I got free lessons at the other place and I told her no.  I got another lecture on lessons and I told her that I lived too far away for lessons and didn't need them.  I've had lessons at this place and I knew more than they did or it wasn't in depth enough.

I should have just kept my mouth shut picked up the feet, the bobbins, the needles and walked out.  Or after the mistake of opening my mouth I should have just told her I didn't need her input and left without buying anything.  Ebetray has the foot, needles and the bobbins.

To dealers and your sales staff:

Grow up.  I can purchase any machine/supplies I want from any place I so desire.  Being confrontational gets you nowhere and makes you look pathetic.  I should have stood up for myself but I was too nice like my mom taught me to be.  I only tolerate your services because I don't really have a choice.  You didn't even have the 7700 machine in stock so quit whining.

This is why I buy online when I can.  It's a pleasure doing business with a computer that doesn't argue with me about my purchases.  I would love to shop at a brick store.  You people don't make it worth my time and effort anymore.

I know there are good dealers out there.  I just wish there were more of you.


Shannon said...

That made me laugh! The sad thing is I actually bought my embroidery machine from my local dealer and when I come in for thread or what not they always look down there nose at me... um... am I not buying enough??? WHY LOL. Then I smile and go home and play on my machine!

anna said...

I agree with you about the stores/sales people. I am relatively new to quilting but have also found that when I go into a local quilt shop and try to buy supplies to finish or augment a quilt top that I didn't buy the kit or fabric from that I get looked down on - it's very uncomfortable and I find myself avoiding buying additional supplies from them which is sad - I would love to support them but they needn't be so rude to me because I didn't "buy" the original supplies.

Jayne the Dig said...

I worked for a dealer in the UK for over 10 years. We always made everyone welcome regardless of where they bought their machine from. We got lots of returning customers because they regarded us as friends, and trusted our advice.

It can be hard though as sometimes when another dealer is undercutting you on price and isn't offering the after service. We're all human, and have a bad day. Perhaps she had just lost another sale to someone else and was feeling bad.

It makes no sense to me that you should make someone uncomfortable about their choice.

Jayne x

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'd have been a bit miffed to say the least...and I probably would have left without buying anything! blessings, marlene