Monday, May 17, 2010

A Good Night's Sleep

It's amazing what a good night's sleep away from your project can do.

First off.  I know there are awesome sewing machine dealers out there.  They work hard and do a wonderful job.  They know/love their business and how to work will all kinds of people.  I just had a nosy lady that just wouldn't leave me alone about buying my machine from another store.  It just set me off that day.

Back to my project:

With a fresh look at this quilt I realized I had made this WAY harder than it should be.  I went through and realized the quilt was 36 blocks wide and 40 blocks down.  If I did my math right, all I needed to do was set up 36 sets with 40 fabrics in each one.  Sound about right?

I set up 3 rows of 12 and started putting my patches in the piles.  I only have a little over 300, but just tried to have at least one of each fabric in each set as I went.  I really only need enough fabric to give some variety.  If I wanted to be crazy, I'd need 40 blocks each of 36 different prints.

Here's what I set up:

I feel so much more confident after laying out piles.  The quilt doesn't seem nearly as intimidating and I can easily decide where I want the different blocks for their placement.  I went to another store and purchased some more half-yards of some purple fabric that I hadn't' seen.

This is going to be an awesome looking quilt!