Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's Working!

I started piecing with the 7700 today to see if it hates me.  I did this while at the dealer, but we all know machines behave perfectly at the store.

It works!  I have a Janome machine that pieces fabric and doesn't choke up!  It went over pins!  It didn't slide up to the upper left corner!

The only thing it needs is to have the pressure foot lever go up/down when you press the foot pedal.  I kept pushing the pedal to make it do this as my Topaz does that.  I'll stop piecing and can't figure out why the pressure foot doesn't automatically go up.

I have had to fiddle with is the 1/4 inch seam allowance since what the machine has set up doesn't work with my Creative Grid rulers.  It has an automatic piecing stitch, but I think I can put a specialized stitch in the save feature.

The needle plate thingy is great.  It automatically shifts out of straight stitch when you move the needle over and slides up with the straight stitches.

I still need work with the piecing accuracy on this.  The 7700 has done a fabulous job considering the finished size of the 9-patches are 1.5 inch finished.

Trimming up the squares has been the hardest part as there's a bump in the middle making the ruler shift.  There has to be an easier way to do this.  Any ideas as it has to be trimmed down to 2 inches?  


Anonymous said...

I usually press seams open when I am doing small blocks.

lw said...

If I have a bump (because I got careless and didn't sew the way I was supposed to, and now I can't press it out,) I clip the seam allowance at the bump close to the seam so that it can be flattened out.