Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Much Needed Boost

In frustration over this project, I went over to "Quilter Blogs" and started reading.  I enjoy the blogs and I came across a"Wish Upon A Quilt" blog with a Spring Cleaning Challenge 6 entry.  While not ready to tackle that challenge I went back a few entries to number 2.  Basically; clean off your desk and gather your sewing supplies from around your area.

I sat there staring at my huge mess and figured I'd go for it.  I cleaned off my table and set the strips aside.  Then I hit the other table and started folding fabric.  I found several rulers, two packages of rotary blades, rulers, a package of needles, and several of my scissors.  I put everything away and then found the courage to start on the fabric and strips.

Anything that was fat quarter sized was put in one pile.  Skinny pieces that had already been cut went into another pile.  The same with yardages.  I realized I had purchased two yards of the same fabric from two different stores.  I may use that as binding.

Then I tackled the strips.  I put fabric together with pins for sewing sets and found homes for the strip sets lying around.  I put those on the sewing machine for later sewing.

Suddenly this project isn't nearly as daunting.  I found several fat quarters that hadn't been cut up yet and put those on top.  I found other piles of squares that need trimmed and stuffed them in my plastic bag so they wouldn't get lost.

Tomorrow I will work again on this project.  Here's a much better organized picture:

Yardages, fat quarters and then strips

Thank you for so much for your challenge!


StitchinByTheLake said...

I love organizing! It feels so much better when you're done. blessings, marlene

Cathy said...

Glad you found us! There is one more challenge coming, come back and see us! Happy Quilting!