Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Testing Out The New 2 Inch Accuquilter Die

My 2 inch die set came in on Monday but I hadn't had a chance to use it until today.

First attempt:

I put 4 layers of fabric and the mat and attempted to run it through.  It groaned all the way through and when I took off the mat, none of them were square.  There went 24 squares into the trash.

2nd and 3rd:

I did it with 3 and 2 layers.  Same problem.

4th attempt:

One layer worked just fine.

I figure this HAS to be a user error problem because everyone else adores this product.  Or I'm the only one questioning the user issues of the dies.  There is nothing wrong with the die and the 2 inch squares are perfect.  

I remember reading that putting a piece of paper over the fabric and then running it through.  I put all four layers, paper, the mat and ran it through.

This time it worked.  24 perfect squares.  Note to self:  Kona Cotton needs paper.

You all know me.  I have to have one gripe.  24 squares at a time isn't going to work with this 9-patch quilt.  It's still faster and more fabric efficient to cut six 2 inch strips and subcut them.  I can cut through 8 layers of fabric with my rotary cutter to make the subcuts.  The die isn't useless, it just can't compete with this project.

This die would be worth more if it was sized to cut more than 6 squares.  Maybe I should have invested in the Studio version which has a die that does twelve 2 inch blocks at a time.

Is the home version just not able to handle the cutting load that I do or is it just this project that makes this cutter seem underwhelming?  



Carolyn said...

I love my Go!!! I am so glad I bought it.