Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank You AccuQuilt

Kelly Jackson from I Have A Notion got a call back from the AccuQuilt company after she talked with them and they decided to replace the die set.  Thank you Accuquilter for listening.  It means a lot.

Kelly is wonderful to work with and if you need supplies check out her site.

I got thinking about the die sets and wondered if Accquilt will come out with quilt block sets.  It would be great to buy something like the Ohio Star block where the star part is at the top and the background blocks are at the bottom for easy fabric usage.

Or a log cabin die that looks like the strip dies with the right sizes going down the length of the die so you can layer the fabric all the way for multiple fabric usages.

However; it's probably more money making just to have you buy the individual triangle dies for the Ohio Star block instead of one block set.

I spend way too much time thinking of stuff like this.


Leslie said...

I think about this stuff too. I figure the world needs a few people like us to look at situations with an inquiring mind! :) I have a growing list of suggestions for the Electric Quilt tech desk on how to improve their EQ7 software, if I ever get around to sending it...