Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm A Hypocrite. Again.

I had several people ask where I got my Aurifil cone from.  I bought mine from That Thread Shop.  If you do a search on Aurifil cones there are several sites that come up.

I am a HUGE hypocrite again; but ONLY because it was a such a good price.  I picked up a Go! cutter at JoAnn Fabrics today.  They are on sale all this week for 270ish dollars.  I picked up a long mat and the 1.5 inch strip die.  They wouldn't take my 50% off coupon for the die or the mat though.  Apparently those are considered "special items".  Oh well.  I tried.

I've been cutting 1.5 inch strips out of my fabric all evening and I am almost done.  Wow.  It's taken weeks to get strips cut and now I can cut between 5-20 at a time.

I've only been doing fat quarters so I don't know how well it works when you fold your fabric.  I only have  three complaints so far.  Sometimes the mat creates a crease in the fabric, the static electricity is driving me nuts and the way they number their dies.  There are not SIX dies included as I count the half square triangles ss one die set making it three.   Sorry, counting the 4 half square triangles doesn't count as separate pieces.

I also subcut the sets into 1.5 inch sections.  I lined up a ruler along the edge of the cutter and put my strip set along the ruler.  I carefully laid the mat over it and a few seconds later I had them done.

I have a hat and shoes to go eat now.



Trish said...

ROTFL..... with you, of course, not at you! Enjoy the cutter!