Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pictures Of 1/4 Inch Feet On My Machines

I took pictures of the Horizon's feed dog position for it's 1/4 inch foot so you can see that the fabric doesn't use the right feed dog.  The fabric feeds through the metal guide not even touching the feed dog. Since my fabric hasn't been veering toward the left, I figured I was good.  Does anyone else's 6500, 6600 or 7700 1/4 inch foot do this?  Metal or clear.  Or am I just doing this wrong?  Yes, the back part of the foot sits on the feed dogs, but the fabric doesn't.  I've moved the needle to 4 to do my piecing.

Here's my Topaz's 1/4 inch foot covering both feed dogs:

For one last test on my Janome, I put the regular foot on, moved the needle over to 6 and had no problems.  Fabric fed just fine through the machine with little bowing.  I don't have the 1/4 inch Accufoot for the Janome for those that say to use that.  It went with the 6600 along with the needle plate.

It's not that the Horizon doesn't work as it sews beautifully.  It's the stupid 1/4 inch feet that Janome has for it.  I'm just going to use the standard foot and some tape along the side for now.  Maybe I should email Janome and see what they say.