Sunday, June 06, 2010

Can Of Corn Included With Purchase

*edited*..okay..sort of a genius.  Slight problem as I need a solid wood board that is one piece.  I'll have to go to a wood place to get one. However; it's still a great idea*

I am a genius.  I'm not boasting, just proud that I figured out how to fix my cutting problems.  While thinking about the Go! cutter, I realized my problem isn't cutting accurately or needing more layers, it's my stupid back.  Bending over my table is killing me.  The Go! is perfect for a lot of people who need the accuracy, but it won't do a thing for back.

I got thinking about how to fix the problem last night and the lightbulb finally went on.  Raise the mat!  Duh.  I can't raise the table (it weighs a ton and a half) but if I customize the mat to where I need it, no more issues.  I also needed something I can just take apart since my family uses the table for eating.'s my makeshift invention prototype.  Patent pending. Cans of corn included with purchase.

For 16 bucks I bought the bed risers and a roll of non stick kitchen stabilizer.  I put my acrylic Janome table from a previous machine on top and it works!  All I needed was a mere 9 inches for my back.

It only holds my small mat as the table has a hole cut for the bed of the machine, but you get the idea.  I'll figure out something for my larger mats using the same logic later.

I also use this acrylic table as a light table.  I use one of those folding Ott lights and stick it underneath.

I hope this helps someone else who really needs the height to cut.  My back is already feeling so much better.