Saturday, June 19, 2010


Please tell me I wasn't an idiot to buy this Go! Cutter.

I bought the 2 inch square die and tried to use it.  The fabric would get stuck between the intersecting blades on the top where the white thread is.  I'd carefully pull the squares out and then after a few tries of cutting squares the foam started coming up.

When I went to check the squares ALL of them were skewed by up to 1/8 of an inch.  Now the die is exactly 2 inches square so I know it's not a measurement issue on their side.  I had to toss out all these squares and a lot of waste:

I'll have to call them up on Monday and see if they will replace my die as it's still under warranty.

Truthfully; I can cut more squares much faster via my Shape Cut template with no waste at all.  I can cut six 2 inch strips, fold 2 on top of each other and cut squares out with my 60mm rotary blade in no time.

I really hope this cutter isn't a waste of money and my time.


bettyp said...

Sure hope they can help you with that problem.I don't have one and will probably never get one .(I am retired,no money for that)
I did hear its pretty expensive .Someone here was saying something about the wasted fabric after the cutting. It can always go to the scrap boxs for a scrap quilt later.

Jo Major Ciolino said...

I am afraid of this same thing happening if I purchase this cutter. I will be eager to hear how they resolved your problem!
In a side note - I went to school with a Robert Frerichs - maybe when I lived in Hastings or Lexington? It is an unusual name and I thought I'd check!

Vickie E said...

interesting issue. I have a Go! cutter and several dies. I have had it for 9 months now..I have never had a foam piece come out. I would call them ...i don't think that's suppose to happen.

SewCalGal said...

So sorry that you have a bad experience so early on with your AccuQuilt. They really are great products! But AccuQuilt also has a fantastic customer service and I'm sure they'll take good care of you. Just contact them at:

I have several dies and only had one issue like yours. The grey foam needs to be glued down very close to the blade or you get bad cuts. While you can glue it down (I did on mine) I do think it is best for you to contact AccuQuilt and have help you.

Your picture also shows a thread coming out in a corner. Not sure if it is on top, or caught in the blade. There is a pick that periodically need to pick out threads, but I tend to only have that happen with my rag die, or points on hearts or feathers die, or when I use loose weave inexpensive fabrics. But the picking process is quite easy and really helps to get more accurate cuts. Still, right now your problem is a mfg defect in your die (foam is not glued down correctly on this board).

So sorry. But I think you'll soon be in love with your GO!. Feel free to contact me offline if you want.