Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Found It!!!!!

I was going through cleaning up quilt paperwork and supplies and I can't believe I found this pattern!!!:

I have been looking for this pattern for years!  I made a quilt with it about 6 years ago and gave the quilt away to a dear friend.  I have still wanted to make another quilt with it but never found the pattern.  I couldn't even remember what magazine I got it from.  This was my first or second appliqued quilt.

I appologize for the condition of the picture.  I took it years ago and the online photo site decided to call it quits.  It had resized it for the site and I can no longer put it back to where it was.  I completely satin stitched all the pieces and it took forever.

I put the pattern in a plastic sleeve and added it to my pattern 3-ring binder.


bettyp said...

You did a Fantastic job on it!!! Love the colors too! I am so happy you found it ,I know the feeling when your looking for something and you just know its somewheres in the house and just can't put your finger on itr!!