Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Glue It Down

I talked with customer service about my 2 inch die set.  They said to glue it down with Elmer's glue and talk with the retailer I bought it from if that doesn't work.  Huh?  I did work with the lady I purchased the die from and the company told her the same thing.  They weren't going to send me a new one.  Wierd.

Part of me says screw it.  I can get more 2 inch squares 10 times faster with my June Tailor Shape Cut anyway.

At least the 1.5 inch strip die set works.  I used it yesterday to cut some more strips.  I also took a black Sharpie marker and went over the cutting lines for guidelines.

I think the Accuquilter company needs to give much better instructions for using the dies and what they are capable of doing online or with the cutter itself when you buy it.

  • How to layer the fabrics for optimum usage for different patterns/blocks.  They did put a chart up for fabric measurements online, but it wasn't what I needed.  It would be great to know how to get the fabric ready for log cabin blocks as they have different lengths.
  • Troubleshooting Guide as there is some human error to this set up.
  • How to fix the dies if you are just supposed to "glue" it down if they foam comes up.
  • Make repositional tape for measurements across the dies.  I hate to mark up the strip die horizontally with tons of Sharpie marks.
  • Make rotary rulers/guides out the the stuff the mats are made of.  They are so much easier on my hands and they are completely non-slip. 
I'm still torn on this cutter.  It has great potential, buy it still has flaws that I hope will get fixed.  


Joan said...

There are a LOT of quilters who read these blogs - and the Accuquilter people ought to know better than just say "glue it down." That is completely unacceptable - if that is what they consider customer service and/or support, it's enough to keep me from going through with purchasing one. It also means I'll warn everyone I know about purchasing one - and I work in a place where I meet a LOT of quilters.....

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hey there, It is Kelly. Can you let folks know I fixed the problem and you will be getting a new one? I have 100% satisfaction guarantee and I'd have given you a new one regardless. But they are sending me one to ship to you so that is wonderful news!!


Pat said...

My experience so far with AccuQuilt has shown then to be very concerned with customer satisfaction. I'm not surprised they are sending Kelly a new die for you. At least in the meantime, until that arrives, you should be able to use it by gluing the piece back in place. I totally believe in this product and hope you will come to believe in it, too.

Barb said...

I am sorry that you are not happy with your cutter. I have found it to be fun and fast. I have actaully talked with one of their representatives and she was soooooooooooooooooo friendly and helpful.

I have used the dies and have not had a problem yet but...that doesn't mean I won't, seeing how they mass produce the items and somehow things happen, it just happened that you got one that had a flaw but I see that they have remedied that. Can't get better service than that!!