Friday, June 04, 2010

Hanging In There

Dangit..hurt my back yesterday.  That's what I get for trying to get the stuck tray open to clean my zebra finch cage to clean it and putting groceries on the counter.  I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a full blown episode and be out for 2 months.  I have kept up with the physical therapy so maybe my muscles are strong enough to hang in there.

I sold my rabbits on Monday because I can't bend down to clean the cages and catch them when they are done playing.  It broke my heart but they have a great new home where they will be loved.  I'm hoping I don't have to lose my zebra finches.

My copy of EQ7 should be here soon as DH discovered it came off the checking account.  Woo Hoo!

DH has been great about the manic episode.  I told him NOT to let my buy anything until it's over.  I'm in no position to make those decisions.  I almost spent a thousand dollars on the Go! cutter and supplies and he and an online quilter stopped me.  I love him so much as he's put up with this for 16 years.  We have set up plans for both the mania and depression.  He gets my bank card and I have to ask for any purchase while manic.  If it's depression he has to know how low I'm going.  I was diagnosed when I handed DH a bottle of seizure meds and told him I wanted to down the entire bottle.  It's a serious mental health issue and it's just below schizophrenia.  I take it very seriously as I visited a friend that was in the hospital and realized I would make sure to never go there.  It was so creepy and sad.  The best therapy is being around normal people.

I do love my 7700.  DH knows me well enough that it wasn't a manic purchase otherwise he wouldn't have let me have one.  I still get scared it will blow up in my face but it's been wonderful.

I'm slowly coming down as I've increased my medication.  I refuse to let manic-depression rule my life.    


Anonymous said...

You are not along with the bipolar mania... The last time I had a manic episode, I mortaged my house, bought a long arm quilting machine, and then flew to Europe for a month, all with out telling my employer. Good think my boss understands, and she gave me emergency leave!

I am glad you have a support system with your husband... I have a support system in place now, and its not nearly as bad as it was, and I did survive!

I am going to publish this just as JT the Quilter....

Kelly Ann said...

Sorry about your bunnies...but hang in day another bunny will hop into your heart. Sounds like you're getting a handle on surviving the ups and downs...keep steady friend...

bettyp said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful and understanding husband !! Hang in there ,it will alll work out .Its great that you have a plan in place for when you need it !!