Wednesday, July 28, 2010

County Fair

I know I sort of whined about how our county does the quilt judging, but it seems a lot of gals haven't been putting in their quilts for the same reason.  I went over Monday night to see the quilts and they had ONE 10 foot section with quilts folded up.  There were probably 15 quilts.  In past years there was an entire wall of them.  I was shocked.

The other thing that was extremely disappointing is that the gals got small sticker ribbons that were on their cards.  What happened to the glorious but simple ribbons?  They aren't that expensive.  Couple of bucks maybe?  Our county has cheaped out to a "blue award" sticker for ladies that have spent months making a quilt?  I didn't even see the really fancy ribbons for "Best of Show" and other specialty ribbons.

I figure between the sticker ribbon idea and the same ladies winning the regular quilters have just said "forget it" and walked away.  BTW, those same ladies do deserve to win and they deserve a real ribbon to go with it despite my "whining".

I've vented.  I feel better now.