Thursday, July 15, 2010

Virtual Game Hypocrite

 I, Bethany the Hypocrite, have done it again.  I have bought Farmcash for Farmville.  I said I would never stoop that low to giving a virtual game real money.  I again, bow my head in shame as I am weak.  The beautiful horses finally did it in for me a few weeks ago.

DH has enabled this by bringing home 10 dollar cards from Best Buy as he works 5 minutes away.  I do refuse to give Zynga the ability to know my account numbers or use Pay Pal.  Just the cards.

I relentlessly pursued a white stallion on a mystery box so I could have foals.  What I didn't know is that you HAVE to give the foals away.  I am the only one of my friends breeding horses and while I love giving them away, I don't have any of the specialized ones for me.  Selfish I know, but having a Clydesdale, Mustang, Pinto, Haflinger, etc foals would make my day.

When Zynga came out with a black stallion on Tuesday I knew I had to get my daughter one so I could selfishly breed foals that I could have.  Three darts tries for a total of 60 FC (a little over 10 bucks) I have one for her.  Now to build a stable from scratch which will take weeks unless I pony up more FC and send her FC horses.  Heheheh..pony up..just realized I was punny.  Hmm...DH..I see a trip to Best Buy coming up soon.

I'm not terribly selfish though.  I let people use my iPad to get the white pony and leopard as they didn't have one.

I however; refuse to go into a 12 step program.  I love every horse I've purchased.  And the sheep.  And the goats.  And the cows.  And the LE animals.  I even paid FC to use the plane so I could get the gray bunny for a co-op as I don't have enough friends to do it together.  I really want the grape sheep, but I'm not sure it's still available.

Off to build a barn for daughter and take over her farm. Muwahahahahah




BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh Bethany! Giggle!

Andee said...

I haven't spent any real cash on farmville, but I was thinking on my way in to work today that I really need to give it up and use the time to is addicting! UGH! Glad you love your horses!

Jackie said...

I think I'm the only one that does not Farmville. Thankfully I've never seen the pretty horses....