Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Can Sew With Crochet Thread??

After fixing the decorative stitches, I started on a project that requires them.  I've never used my decorative stitches let alone to make a lacey section for a pin cushion.  That's what my embroidery machine is for.  If you don't feel like reading through my rambling, the pics are at the bottom...

I knew I needed to practice before using the fabric from the kit.  It's not like I can drive to get this fabric if I mess it up.  It would be a Saturday trip to Lincoln for it.   So I cut a square out, pressed a crease in the center, added some stabilizer and went to try it out.  After all it's just straight lines and the border foot is supposed to make that easy.  I took a deep breath and started.

The crease was extremely hard to see and wondered if I should use a water soluble pen.  However; trying to wash out the pen would probably distort the design.  The stitch looked fairly straight so I figured I was good.

On to add the flowers.  Somehow you are able to program the machine to do one design, add the cutter and save it.  I tried a couple of times to do this but it wasn't working.  I was too much in a hurry to check the book.  Meh..I'll just wing it.  First one was way off.  2nd one wasn't too bad.  3rd one was better but to make it look "pretty" just wasn't happening despite a few more.

The Scallop designs.  Somehow these should align correctly so you don't get mismatched scallops right?  I figure the horizontal line is for that.  I follow the guide to keep the scallops straight and go to the next side.  Hmmm... I'm off.  Maybe I do need that embroidery machine.  I feel a headache coming on.

Truthfully; this is painfully slow going and keeping the red guide perfectly aligned with the previous row of stitches was giving me a headache.

The next section was a lace looking design using crochet thread.  You can sew with crochet thread??!!  Really???  Guess I've been out of the loop for this part of sewing.  This might have possibilities for quilting, like a hand quilted look with invisible thread.  Deep breath.  You've done pretty good so far right?

I cringe as I start the stitch.  I have visions of my Horizon grinding to a halt screaming ERROR and shutting off for it's own personal safety.  Nothing happened and the machine started stitching without any problems.  No way.  You can really sew with crochet thread.  Except for the fact that I had blue thread as my bobbin thread showing at the top, it stitched out beautifully.

Directions say to move over a space and do the same thing.  Okay.  Then it said that another set of stitches went down the middle of them.  Errr.. okay.  This time, the middle stitch wasn't aligning dead center.  It kept hanging on to one side giving a visible space.  Hmm.  Wouldn't it have been easier to do this stitch and then add the next?

Last stitch was done using a wing needle.  From the picture, it looked like she had actual holes in hers.  Mine didn't.  Maybe because I was using Kona cotton and she was using batiste?

I wasn't about to try the last part since I didn't have any tulle to practice on.

Want to see the finished look?  I only did one side as I had a splitting headache now
Here's the stitch between the two where I messed up.  Do I do the first one, add the middle and then go to the next or follow the directions?

I'm actually quite proud of myself!  I still need to practice getting the scallops right, adding more flowers, and getting that middle section right.  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be either.  I just wish I  had some batiste fabric to test it on to really see how the stitches look.


Rhonda said...

Bethany, I have to tell you, the stitching looks great from where I'm viewing.
I was laughing alittle while reading your post....the winging it part....sounds so like me....those instructions are somewhere that I can't find them.
Two thumbs up on the fancy stitching!!!

Jackie said...

I love your decorative stitches! We're using decorative stitches on an applique BOM we're doing at my LQS. It's really helping to give ideas on how to use them.