Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pattern Burning

If you decide to make a purse/bag for your daughter make sure you don't buy the pattern I had.  Ever.  I have no problem buying a pattern from someone who designs their own, but if you can't write instructions that make sense, your name will be cursed forever after.

3/4 of the instructions weren't included and the other 1/4 made no sense.  However; after much frustration and nearly killing a Horizon, I have one done for my DD:

Now to go burn a pattern and never purchase another from this person again.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

oooo scary! How do you know that the instructions will not make sense. Would you open the pattern and read it first. But then again sometimes I order off the internet :-( How can the buyer be aware?

bernie said...

It looks like a great bag - don't kill the machine :) I have had the same frustrations with patterns that are just written instructions without diagrams. Show me a picture please! But you did a good job despite the lack of instructions. Pat yourself on the back. Bernie